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Boudoir and Glamour Photography are styles of photography. Boudoir focuses on intimate, sensual, and suggestive images of a person, typically a woman, and usually in lingerie, sexy outfits or nude. It is often associated with empowerment and celebrating one’s body and sexuality.

Glamour photography emphasizes the beauty of the subject, usually in a glossy and idealized version.

Boudoir and Glamour photography often work together to create idealized, provocative and sensual images.

I was a staff photographer for the US and German editions of Penthouse magazine and the German edition of Playboy, and photographed 100s of centerfolds and layouts for the International Men’s Magazine in the 70s, 80s and 90s, so it is only natural that Boudoir Photography and Glamour Photography, and personal, private Centerfold photoshoots became a logical direction of work in the new Millennium.

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