Women’s Fitness and Physique Photography

Women’s Fitness and Physique Photography in Las Vegas is very popular today.  There wasn’t many Fitness Photographers in Las Vegas when I started doing women’s fitness photography twelve years ago.  It was after having a hip replacement in 2011 that I became interested in doing fitness and bodybuilder photography. After going through the rehab, I joined LVAC to continue on my own. It was there where I met some very inspirational people that were changing their lives and the lives of others. Because of that experience and meeting those people I have been shooting fitness photography in Las Vegas ever since.

Going regularly to the gym, I saw and met some truly amazing women with very muscular physiques. I saw others as they worked out over the months, lose the weight and become fit and strong. I wanted to do photos for them. Photos that would be a testament to their hard work. I appreciated and admired their effort and the dedication they put into their physical conditioning.

Womens Fitness Photography and Physique Photography in Las Vegas –

for trainers, competitors, and bodybuilding enthusiasts


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